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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Video killed the radio star


I never used to listen to it but something happened. At the end of May 2011, I started my first official job. I'd been a waitress the summer before but that fell through after a few weeks so I never counted it as something to put on my CV. So my first job was as a care worker. In essence, I cared for mostly elderly people in their own homes and tried to make life easier for them.

The hours were awful.

The support became awful.

The service users varied between amazing, wonderful and sent from hell.

The pay, in hindsight, was awful for the jobs that I was doing.

The "petrol compensation" was awful.

The fact that I tried to continue the job through university was awful. Stupid, stupid decision.

The manager turned out to be awful.

I also became very tired in between the morning and evening shifts and crashed my car as a result when I wasn't working.

All in all, it was a learning experience. I don't regret going to work there because it made my first "university" summer pass very swiftly and I was able to spend money throughout the summer without scrimping and saving constantly. That was very nice and I was able to afford a trip to the Christmas horse show in London (Olympia) at the end of it. I am thankful that I decided to quit (even if it was after a tear-filled evening, during the course of which I was ill, and an elderly man throwing an adult diaper at me) and would never, ever go back into care. I do, however, have a healthy appreciation of the hard work undertaken by carers and nurses especially: they do not get paid enough for this.

As I traveled from house to house in between service users, I spent quite a lot of time in the car. My CDs only lasted for a certain amount of time, so I flipped to the radio stations instead, which had remained unused because I couldn't get my favourite local one when I was out of range, which was to be expected. Eventually, I ended up on BBC Radio 1, not really my "thing". I'm not a fan of pop music and only like a few pop tracks - rock is definitely my favourite genre, anything that's just out of the "I'm at the club and this track is playing" spotlight. But I will listen to anything if I like the sound of it and I'm not picky about genre if it catches my attention. So, the music was mediocre but the DJs... Well, the DJs saved my sanity that summer. I kept the radio on whenever I was in the car and laughed at the morning shows especially. Most of the time, I worked from seven to around two in the afternoon, so my introduction to Radio 1 was The Chris Moyle's Show.

Car park catch phrase remains my favourite game on the radio - easy for me as I love sayings like this but there were always a few that would trump me. This is definitely a show on the radio that I would recommend watching although Chris Moyles is retiring from the show, which I was sad to hear about as I thought he was quite a character, if he pushed jokes a little too far at times. Nick Grimshaw is taking over and I enjoy listening to his show too, so I wouldn't give this one a miss just because Moyles is hanging up his hat! But, apart from that show, Fearne Cotton is a wonderful, funny DJ that always catches your attention with her bright personality; seriously, you could be hanging off the edge of a cliff and Fearne would cheer you up, she has that kind of personality. Perfect for the radio!

There's another game on it that has me giggling although it's not for the easily offended! It's called "Innuendo Bingo" and is self-explanatory at this point! Two people sit opposite each other (they often have guests on here) and take a drink of water. Then a clip is played for them with an innuendo and they have to try not to laugh and spit the water out over one another... I hear that some are not so brave and bring heavy raincoats into this game, but I personally feel that this game would be perfect to steal for use with Ranger Guides and Senior Section in general within Girl Guiding! We'd have a ball with this kind of silly game and, come on, who doesn't giggle at innuendos when we pick up on them? Have a snigger! ;-)

I'm not in the car as much as I used to be so I took the stereo from my grandmother's old house to replace its presence within my home. And now, when I'm sad or studying or writing or creating, I like to put the radio on for an hour or more, just to have in the background and to giggle at some of the things said on the various shows. But on the crazy, wind-blown winter nights, it is very comforting and reminds me that things could be worse and that I'm in a good position. Just a presence, always there, and murmuring non-stop.

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  1. I am always very respectful of people who work in care homes. That is the kind of work that requires such patience and love. I don't think I could cope with it to be honest.