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Thursday, 16 August 2012

The renting (or moving) nightmare

Well, this will not be your typical post, that's for sure!

If you don't know already, I'm an university student and will go into my third year in September 2012. I'm moving into a bungalow with a couple of guys before university starts back and...there have been a few "problems", let us say. Not with the guys, of course not, but a great deal of miscommunication.

First of all, when I saw the room in the bungalow that I was going to be renting, it was full of furniture. I assumed that it was furnished and said "oh, yay, a double bed!". Okay, so then I was told that the bed belonged to the guy there, no problem at all. He said that the bed was kind of rickety so that was why he bought another bed (the original bed for the room was in the garage). Nothing else was said about the contents of the room so I thought that...well...the furniture belonged to the landlord.

Oops, wrong!

Turns out that the furniture belonged to the guy renting that room so, as he has now moved out, the room is completely bare! The only things that are available for the room are: a single, metal bed frame (in pieces, couldn't see any bolts to fix it together), a single mattress (could feel the springs, but it did have a cover), a wardrobe (marked and stained, quite small and not very sturdy at all) and a small unit with drawers (okay!). As a girl... I'm not too impressed by this at all. One wardrobe and a small unit with drawers. Where's everything going to go? If I cut back to the bare essentials for living, that would mean that I couldn't even have any reading books unless I wanted to stack them on the floor. Nope, not going to happen!

Now I have to find a way to somewhat furnish this student room for storage purposes and general living... My main dilemma is that I don't want to purchase cheap furniture made of chipboard because I'll never be able to re-use it - the nails will just break the chipboard up when you take them out or it would fall to pieces when you transport it (what a professional home mover told me). My parents own two houses as my grandmother unfortunately passed away three years ago and I've been considering using furniture from that house for conveniences sake. It would save a bit of money at least. There's a suitable beside table/cabinet that I would be quite happy to take (two, in fact), a small bookcase and, most importantly, a large/tall chest of drawers. IF I can transport the chest of drawers, this might be a perfect solution.

Ah, but this still leaves the matter of a wardrobe. £60 (cheapest) or more for something that will not last if I want to move it... So a one-year life (or three years, if I extend my university life to a Masters) could only be anticipated...

That's where this beauty might enter the mix, as my larger chest of drawers will holds the majority of my clothes:

It's like a shining beacon saying "buy me, buy me"! It's a fabric covered single wardrobe rail, 90 cm across (which is surprisingly wide for a single wardrobe). I wasn't too keen on the canvas wardrobes as people have noted that they don't hold very much and are not sturdy at all for the price. This nifty thing is only £20 and I am fighting the urge to snap it up right now. It would last, could be moved, is easily packed... Not for later in life but for a student, who could say no?

The only question is whether my family will  scoff at it or not... I hope not, because I would love an inexpensive solution right now! Wooden wardrobes aren't always the way to go when you're on a budget!

So this is a bit of a renting or "moving" nightmare. I feel that I should have been made aware of what was available instead of just looking around myself (a friend of mine already lives there and the landlord agreed for him to show me around). I don't count what is already there as "furnished" - more like "part-furnished", if you ask me. Plus, if I wanted the furniture that is currently stored in the garage, why should I have to assemble it, if I am renting a furnished property? Seems a bit unfair to me, but people do think that they can "get one over" on students, unfortunately. I think I'll just smile sweetly and get on with it this time, just in case I ever need to landlord to get something important, such as the toilet, fixed swiftly! It was no fun at all when the shared toilet in my university hall stopped flushing, or when the shower wouldn't drain water away and it took days for them to fix it. Yes, this time I will definitely hold out on the arguments until something serious happens! Oh and one other thing: no curtains! And very strange windows.... Wider but not as tall as normal ones, so I will have to find special, shorter curtains for the sake of privacy!

Ah, well, I guess it happens to all of us when we are renting! I am certainly looking forward to owning my own house in the future - will be a blessing! Until then, I'll keep working on Etsy and post updates on my move!


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