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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Steampunk project, part one

Have I got a haul and a half this time! Hi!

I recently did very well on some ebay sales (clearing out some vintage toys that belonged to me when I was younger) so I decided to treat myself to a Steampunk project! I don't know at the moment if any of this will go up on Etsy or not, because my main aim with this project is to take some funky, unique jewellery back to university with me in September. So, let us see what I have so far...

I really love this set of keys (molded, not real keys) that I found on ebay (charmingdesignsdna). The one on the far, bottom left is one of my favourites and I am struggling to not put it on a chain as it is - I think it can be spruced up a little more than that! There was a pretty good selection with this set, which I am very happy with because, after all, this is supposed to be a fun experiment. I'm not sure what these are made out of, but the seller listed them as "lead and nickel safe", so...I'm not entirely sure. They were £1.59 for the set. If anyone knows what they are made out of, let me know, because I'd like to know very much, please!

I've been playing around with the filigree pieces and I think one would look lovely behind the heart frames! I'm not sure if it's too much yet, however, but, as a statement piece with a toned tone outfit, I think it would really work well without being gaudy. I could see the heart frames, all geared up, being great little key rings! Hey, they already have keys, right? Not steampunk keys, but I'm sure the little irony would not go unnoticed ;)

Just a close up of the heart frames (sorry about the shadow - I had the flash on!).


I particularly like these oval frame as they have a ring at the top so that it will be very easy to attach them to the chain when the design is complete. I plan to glue some gears in a pattern around the edge of these frames, perhaps in a half-moon shape? I'll see what comes out - I only have two of these to play with, sadly!

No rings on this one to attach it to a chain, but there are so many gaps in the filigree surrounding the heart frame that I don't think it would be a very big problem to put one of the antique gold/brass jump rings in there. The only problem with these would be the durability of the chain to charm attachment; I think it would be quite easy to break off part of the heart frame if you caught the chain on something accidentally, which would be a real shame.

Finally, just some of the chain and clasps that I had to link everything together. I'm a little worried that the clasps are larger than I expected, but at least they are a similar colour to everything else, so that there won't be any problems with matching everything together in this project. I guess that, as the clasps should be hidden by my long hair, they won't cause on problems or be unsightly. But I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a problem with chains moving around my neck while being worn! We will see what comes of that and I know that there are plenty more suppliers if these are not suitable for this particular chain.

I hope you enjoyed my steampunk post and will return later to see what comes of these pieces!

Next post: polymer clay project in motion.

Thank you!



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