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Sunday, 19 August 2012


This will be a rather unusual blog post more about the abstracts in life - not anything concrete. I'd like to talk about passion and excitement today, although the two topics don't generally go hand in hand.

Where I live (my hometown), there is a distinct lack of passion wherever you go. In school, the teachers that I had did not care to make the subject interesting; they were simply teaching it. They did not love what they do. The college lecturers appeared more passionate about the subjects themselves, which was wonderful, but did not seem to enjoy the teaching process with all its rules, exams, deadlines, marking, coursework, studying to a 'plan'... You get the picture. No one in the shops looks happy or, if they are happy, they are chattering about nothing in particular, films, going out clubbing, drinking, family, who is pregnant, who broke up, who's engaged... Things along those lines. And that is pretty much all that I hear in this area. Is that all there is to life? A basic existence where you live on little and the highlight of the day is watching Britain's Got Talent? Getting engaged, getting pregnant, getting a minimal wage job, having a family? And dying? All this talk about dying and death and who is sick is outright depressing to me, although I understand that it's a natural part of life.

At university, it is a completely different story. Going back to that town is life taking a breath of fresh air and realising that the fresh air lasts much longer than for a single breath. People are vibrant, people are laughing, people are smiling. People have goals and people have ambitions, no matter what their ages are. The lectures are engaged with their subjects and actively undertaking research; their passion shows through and the majority are committed to the part of their job that includes lecturing. The students have so much to talk about, whether it is what they are doing, what's happening in the world or intellectually (to name only a few examples).

And the creativity! This is my passion in life and it is fantastic to meet people on a daily basis that understand, appreciate and share in this passion. Whether it is writing, artistic ability, modelling/sculpting with clay, finding that elusive answer, researching into a historical topic, modern culture - everything - people have an opinion and most are accepting of it. Creativity is something that I thrive on and I hate when people put it down as if it is not as worthwhile as something, such as a 9-5 job that you dislike, accepted by society.  If more people were creative and created beautiful things, maybe the world would be a little happier. If more people designed ingenious entertainment that was affordable and allowed self-expression, perhaps we would be able to live our dreams. If people were not so quick to dismiss reading, as an example, perhaps they would realise that there is more to life than the everyday mundane and they would be inspired to get out there and LIVE.

You can be excited over many things, but I rarely see people excited here. It's children that hold on to this excitement and maybe adults think that "that's not for the grown ups to feel". I don't know, personally - it's only a theory. Have you seen a child excited about going to the theme park? Oakwood? The beach, perhaps? Why can't adults feel that too and feel confident in expressing it? Are we afraid of appearing childish? It seems that a lot of people who "let go" and just enjoy what they enjoy are considered childish, unless it is "society approved", which I find very sad. I get excited when I book a holiday. I smile when I walk down the street. I am happy every time I go horse riding and enjoy the anticipation as much as the ride. I love the photos of new places that I visit and all the new nooks that I will discover. I am proud when I write something that makes people stop and go "wow", when they have to listen. I feel satisfied when I make something out of clay and the learning process pleases me. I love to gallop at full blast and yell because it is so damn EXHILARATING.

Besides creating, horse riding is my dominant passion. Do you know why?

Because, when we ride, we borrow freedom for a little while. And freedom is what I desire.


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  1. I agree whole-heartedly. When you're excited about something - or when you feel passionately about something - who is to say it is immature? Who is to say we shouldn't rant and rave and think endlessly about it. I look for passionate people - or at the very least someone who can appreciate my passion, my excitement.
    I was excited about this post.
    And I'm proud of that.
    Here's to being alive.